September 22, 2006

Asians win again, Yul finds immunity idol!

The Survivor challenge keeps getting better and better! This time, the Asians were the first to complete the challenge, but due to a just-missed technicality where they failed to step back onto their mat, they tied with the White Team. They split the reward (tarps to protect them from rain), and they won immunity. The Black tribe came in third, so they didn't win the reward, but they did win immunity.

The Hispanic Tribe purposefully lost the challenge in order to lose immunity and to rid themselves of their least popular member, a heavy metal lover named Billy who wasn't pulling his weight in his tribal duties. The Hispanic Tribe succeeded in losing both the challenge and the unpopular member. It actually looked as if Billy was going to overturn the vote by forming an alliance with the two Hispanic women. But then he blew it by declaring his love for a woman from the White Tribe right before the vote. Crazy. That would be like OJ declaring his love for white women just before that jury of black women was about to vote.

There were two big developments for the Asian tribe.

First, it looks like Yul and Becky, the two Korean members of the Asian Tribe, are starting to form an alliance. They specifically mentioned that they were both Korean, and that they therefore wanted to stay together. Koreans are tight! Becky then referred to Yul as her "Oppa," her older brother. For those looking to see action, I hate to disappoint, but it looks like it's mostly platonic.

Second, because the Hispanic Tribe lost, they were able to "exile" one of the contestants, and so they picked Yul. Yul went to exile island, and in an amazing use of brainpower, he found the immunity idol which guarantees him protection from tribal council! Put an Asian braniac on an island by himself, give him a clue, and look what happens!

Anyway, this show is turning out to be pretty exciting. Diversity is great! Woo hoo!!!

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