October 6, 2006

Biblical Fear Factor

Can these fundamentalists really be serious? These people have no shame. Saw this article in the New York Times today, and it looks like they're claiming oppression once again. We only control the American Presidency! Our children are using their brains, and we don't like it! Blind faith! Blind faith! We're so oppressed! Boo hoo hoo!

Going to a fundamentalist Sunday School when I was growing up, I was taught that Christians were an oppressed group. Never mind that most of the congregation drove BMW's or Mercedes, never mind that a good number of these people were high level executives at Fortune 500 companies, never mind that some of these people were high level government officials--Christians, according to the chuch doctrine, were oppressed, and the we were "called" to be "soldiers in God's army." We were supposed to put religion above everything--including family--and we were taught that our chief purpose in life was to evangelize because Satan was lurking right around the corner and waiting to catch us when our guard was down.

When I was old enough, I realized that I had never heard of a Christian facing any kind of oppression. I had heard of blacks being beaten for being black, Asians being beaten for being Asian, and even whites being beaten for being white, but I had never heard of anyone being beaten for being Christian. Moreover, ALL U.S. Presidents were (or claimed to be) Christian, most politicians were Christian, and a HUGE number of business leaders were Christian.

I just don't understand why these fundamentalists have to rely on these sick scare tactics to indoctrinate their people. Fundamentalist Christians currently control the U.S. Our children can't study science because of the fundamentalist war on evolution. Ill people are suffering because of their war on stem cells. We have to fight to keep their Ten Commandments and other religious symbols out of our government buildings. A politician can't get two steps without claiming to have a belief in God, and yet they are oppressed? If their children are leaving (which they aren't), who can blame them? Who would voluntarily want to be part of an extremist religion of fear and guilt?

Kids are kids. They shouldn't be subjected to the scare tactics of these sick zealots who believe it is their God-given right to control the minds of young ones. The evolutionist Richard Dawkins is correct in saying that it's unfortunate that there isn't an atheist lobby to counter the fundamentalist Christian lobby.

Can we really afford another generation of kids who are scared to think for themselves?

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