November 3, 2006

And the walls came tumbling down

I first heard about Ted Hagggard when I saw the story about Jesus Camp. Haggard was featured in the film but somehow did not like the portrayal of the evangelists, so he bought some expensive Google ads to discredit the film. Since he runs a 14,000 member operation, he was able to afford those ads and slander those who would question the morality of religious fundamentalism. After all, as any fundie would tell you, it's wrong to question clergymen.

And now this happened. Haggard is a homophobic hate-monger who spreads the Gospel of fundamentalist hate and intolerance, and it turns out that he (at least) contacted a male prostitute. At first, he denied everything, but as things are coming to light, he's admitting more and more (and the time of this entry, he admitted to buying meth and paying for a "massage."). This isn't good for him. There is something terribly wrong about a homophobe who hides his preference by secretly hiring male prostitutes.

I love the fact that James Dobson, that sick fundamentalist demagogue who calls his organization "Focus on the Family" (I love how Richard Dawkins asks, "Whose family?"), is defending Haggard publicly. I fell bad for Haggard's family, but at the same time I can't help but think that it's a good thing that the media is drawing attention to these hateful and evil organizations that are poisoning America. Perhaps it will encourage more people to stand up and create new lives and escape the domination of the religious right.

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