November 14, 2006

God's Foreign Policy

If you need proof of Elton John's assertion that religion (and again, we're talking about fundamentalist religion) turns people into "hateful lemmings," look no further than an article in today's New York Times, where evangelicals are going out of their way to create war in the Middle East. People like Ariel Sharon, who live in Israel and who are familiar with the politics of the area, are opting of more peaceful solutions, while people like Dobson and Robertson are pushing for more war and violence.

I really find it ironic that James Dobson, one of the most Christian Right's most fervent supporters of homophobia and cultural racism, can compare anyone to Hitler. He, of course, is right about Ahmadinejad, but the message is coming from the wrong source--we wouldn't support David Duke if he said that Hitler was a jerk, and we shouldn't support a hate-mongering religious demagague like James Dobson who claims any kind of moral superiority over anyone either.

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