November 13, 2006

More discrimination

I saw this and this on today. It appears that a young Chinese American student named Jian Li is suing Princeton over discriminatory admission practices. The young man is a student at Yale who had a perfect score on his SAT and some really high scores on his SAT II. He is claiming that Princeton discriminated against Asian Americans.

Okay, this is going to make me unpopular with some people...but it's about $#*& time someone sued the colleges over this!!! Go Jian Li! This clear and blatant racism against Asian Americans has gone on for far too long. A lot of times, as mentioned in one of the articles, Asian last names and first languages tip off the admissions officers, who, in most cases, admit an anti-Asian bias. If these colleges are going to turn the education system into an animal farm where "some animals are more equal than others," they might as well require that people list their ethnicity. They might as well require a blood sample so they can do a mitochondrial and Y-chromosome analysis to determine continent of origin (It will tell them if the applicant truly has African roots or whether he's lying). They might as well require Jews, who have even higher average IQs than Asians and should by the logic of affirmative action supporters also be targeted by these racist policies, to disclose their Jewishness under penalty of perjury and prison time.

This really gets under my skin. This young man Jian Li is an immigrant. He has most likely had to face pains with assimilation and discrimination. And now they raise the bar for higher education based on race?

A common pro-affirmative action argument goes like this: "C'mon, you're overexaggerating. If Chang or Li want to go to college and get rejected by Princeton or Harvard for racial reasons, they can always go to another school. There are lots of REALLY GREAT community colleges and technical schools out there." Ironically, this is the same "separate but equal" argument that was used to justify school segregation in Brown vs. Board of Ed.

Separate is not equal, and the fact that race plays such a strong role in college admissions is indefensible. This country was founded on ideals of equality, and any racist policy which excludes or discriminates against people based on race should be outlawed.

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