November 9, 2006


There isn't much for me to say about the elections that hasn't already been said. I was up for half the night, waiting to see how things would turn out. Because I live on the West Coast, the verdict for the House came in pretty early--the Dems won back control of the house by a wide margin.

This, to me, was the highlight of the election--with control of the House, Nancy Pelosi will be the new Speaker of the House, the most powerful position in the legislature. I like Nancy Pelosi so far because she is outspoken, she is against the war, and she will stand up to Bush.

With Webb winning Virginia, the Dems also won back the Senate with 49 Senators plus two independents (including Lieberman) who will caucus with the Democrats. This is also a turning point, since it will be much easier for the Dems to create legislation and to keep W in check.

W seemed a bit humbled by the outcome yesterday--which is good. Contrary to popular belief, our President isn't stupid, per se, but he is intellectually lazy and arrogant, and he is a religious fanatic who thinks that God is always on his side. The fact that his party no longer controls either of the two chambers means that he will have to start working with people and listening to other viewpoints outside of his cabinet (other than God, of course, who supposedly told him to invade Iraq). This could be a turning point for him both as a President and as a person.

I think the next couple of years will be interesting. Finally, the people of the United States have put the government back under their control and have restored democracy. Let's hope the momentum continues.

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