November 16, 2006

Survivor: Stupid is as stupid does

Well, it was another BIG triumph for the Ozzy-Yul team ("Aitu Tribe").

First they won the reward challenge when the White team (the "Raro Tribe") got their directions mixed up and couldn't dig up their puzzle pieces fast enough. The reward challenge wasn't even close. The Aitu Tribe basically had their puzzle solved before the Raro Tribe even had their puzzle pieces. The Aitu Tribe won the ability to send someone to Exile Island (they sent Candice again!), and then they won a cool vacation at one of the other islands where they were treated to a Cook Island style Luau.

In the immunity challenge, the two tribes had to swim to collect puzzle pieces. The Aitu Tribe won the immunity challenge when they outswam the Raro Tribe. This one was close at one point when Becky faltered a bit, but then Sundra pulled ahead once again. The Aitu Tribe solved the puzzle just after the Raro Tribe got their puzzle pieces out of the bag. At the end of the challenge, Jeff gave the losing tribe a glass bottle with instructions not to open it until the end of the vote.

The first part of Tribal Council was pretty obvious. In keeping with the original strategy of voting out the minorities, the White Tribe quickly got rid of the black woman. There was a secret revelation in that glass bottle however. When Parvati opened it, it said that they had just voted out one member, and now they would have to vote out another. Everyone was stunned, especially since the surprise eliminated their ability to strategize amongst one another. Fortunately for the White Tribe, Adam had discussed plans to kick out the Filipina Jenny with Candice and Parvati. Jonathan probably just guessed that that was their position, and he voted correctly. So they wound up axing Jenny.

At the closing credits, Jenny talked about how "pissed off" she was at the final vote. During the show, she had said that she was in a strong alliance with Adam, and she spoke with authority that they were going to kick Candice out. I can't see how she could possibly believe this. Of course we see a different picture from the comfort of our living rooms when we watch this show, but it boggles my mind how gullible these minorities are. Here are the facts:

1. Candice pulled a mutiny on her tribe because she wanted to be with Adam and Parvati. She said so in front of the whole tribe.
2. Candice has a romantic thing going on with Adam.
3. Jonathan pulled a mutiny on his tribe because he too wanted to be with the White tribe.
4. Jonathan is outworking everyone by catching fish and climbing for coconuts.
5. The White tribe just axed Brad, who was one of the stronger physical and mental players.

So...why would Jenny think she was safe? In addition to this evidence, it also doesn't look like Jenny really tried to create any alliances.

I'm wondering if Nate, the black guy, is going to wise up. It was really annoying last week when he kept jumping around and bragging about how he was going to vote out all the other minorities. It would be quite unbelievable for him to be unable to see how he is acting like a tool. Jonathan is still a wild card--they show him losing his temper next week--but as the lone member who was not part of the original White tribe, Nate has to know that he's a prime candidate for eviction.

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