November 23, 2006

Survivor: Yul Engineers Plan; Nate goes home!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

My goodness. Yul is brilliant. So the tribes merged into one with five members of Raro and four members of Aitu. Everyone in America (including me, I admit) probably thought that Yul was stupid for telling his Aitu tribemates about his hidden immunity idol, but Wonderboy managed to use it strategically and get Nate voted out. It was $#@ amazing. Who would've thought? Even as I was watching the show, it took me a while to figure out where he was going with his plan. Sure enough, it worked--the Aitu tribe voted out Nate, thereby creating an even game with four vs. four from the original tribes.

The logic of Yul's strategy makes sense now. Let everyone on your original Aitu tribe know that you have the immunity idol. The small Aitu tribe cannot guarantee delivery of a majority of votes, but if they all vote for the same person, it can guarantee the delivery of the second highest number of votes. If all Raro (5 votes) votes for an Aitu member and all Aitu votes for a Raro member (4 votes), Yul simply gives him immunity idol to the outcast member of Aitu, and the person with the second number of votes--a Raro member--goes home. Yul takes this strategy and approaches the least connected person on the Raro tribe, Jonathan, to see if he can get that person to vote with Aitu. This way they make use of the power of the hidden immunity idol without actually using it.

Yul's strategy was brilliant. I don't think that I would've thought of it in a million years.

As it turns out, Ozzy won immunity, but it made no difference. Aitu basically had their pick of who was going home. Jonathan did in fact switch to vote with Aitu, and he told Yul that Nate was the best person to vote off. The end tally was four votes for Yul and five votes for Nate, and because Nate didn't have the immunity idol, he went home.

I actually thought that they should've sent Adam home since Adam has a strong bond with Candice. But it was satisfying to see Nate go. After all his fronting and boasting about how he was going to eliminate the minorities, it seemed that Nate got his minority ass booted.

Incidentally, it was funny how Raro decided to vote for Yul. They kept saying stuff like, "That guy's too smart," and "I don't want that homey thinking." So basically, they attacked Yul because he was too smart.

In another dialogue on intelligence, Jonathan kept asking his tribe, "What if Yul has the immunity idol?" (Jonathan had already been let in on the secret.) His tribemates kept saying, "No, he doesn't have it." Jonathan then went to the hidden interview camera and complained about how dumb his tribemates were. Funny stuff.

Next week should be interesting.


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