November 1, 2006


For a second, following this debacle, I was actually impressed that John Kerry was defiant in the face of Bush's theatrical verbal attacks. Quite clearly Kerry's comment was just a misstatement that was intended to criticize the president, not the troops. Immediately after the initial Republican attacks, Kerry was defiant and unapologetic, and for a short period of time, Americans could be proud of him.

And then Kerry had to apologize. Uhh...what? Why does a decorated war veteran, who simply misspoke while criticizing a corrupt and incompetent regime that (mis)led us into an unjustified war with another sovereign nation, have to apologize to anyone? There were some Democrats who were quick to disassociate themselves from Kerry (which explains why Bill Clinton has been the only Democratic presidential contender for 30 years), but why on earth would Kerry apologize? Even worse, he apologized just a week before elections. This proves two things:

1. Hard as it may be to swallow, America may have picked the more competent man in 2004.
2. Kerry is a liability to both himself and other Democrats.

I just can't believe that the Repubs are getting away with this nonsense. Kerry makes a simple slip of the tongue, and the Repubs are making it seem as if Kerry had some sort of real problem with the troops. What is worse is that most of these wimpy Democrats are sitting by idly while the man who lied about weapons of mass destruction is continuing his slanderous attacks.

There still remains a week before the elections. With Bush affirming his faith in Rumsfeld and Cheney, two other unpopular people, it still remains possible that the Democrats will win regardless of how incompetent the Democratic politicians are.

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