December 2, 2006

The Godfather

It looks like Yul is now the number one target in the game for the old Raro tribe. Using his original strategy with the immunity idol, he swayed Jonathan to his side with the threat of his immunity idol. In this past week's episode, he allowed the anger between Jonathan and the rest of the Raro tribe to continue to fester. The Aitu tribe was so tight that it really didn't matter who won the immunity challenge. In the end, the Aitu tribe decided who would go home, and they decided on Candice.

Adam has called Yul the "ringleader." Parvati has called him the "puppetmaster." Next week's episode looks pretty funny too--in the preview of next week's episode, Yul says something funny like, "I feel like the Godfather, like I'm trying to arrange a hit on someone."

Incidentally, Adam, Parvati, and Candice have all vowed not to vote for Yul if he makes it to the final two. Personally, I don't think it matters--people tend to have a short memory when it comes to grudges in this game. I think they'd respect him for the game he plays.

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