December 20, 2006

Survivor update

Hey, it looks like the picture for my previous entry below changed.

So the final votes have been revealed. I was pretty wrong. Nate and Rebecca voted for Ozzy, while Candice and Sundra voted for Yul. All my other guesses were correct.

Incidentally, I'm surprised that so many people believe Ozzy should have won. I saw a lot of comments on the CBS messageboard saying that Ozzy deserved to win because no one ever dominated the physical challenges like he did. While I agree with this, I just don't see how the physical aspect is nearly as cool or exciting as the organizational aspect. I guess this is an example of "to each his own."

Yul has a good interview on the final (12/19) Survivor: Live. You can find it here. (I wanted to post the link directly but can't seem to do it, so you may have to look around.) What I found interesting is that he mentions specifically that he is now close with Candice and Jonathan. It's funny because Candice and Jonathan are two of the smartest people who were in the game, and if you watch their "final vote" interviews (also on Innertube on the link above), they voted for Yul mostly based on their respect for his strategy. Yul actually mentions Candice and Jonathan over Ozzy. It looks like this is a case of people being attracted to those of similar values. It's good to hear that these Survivor contestants have made what could be lifelong friendships.

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