December 17, 2006

Yul Wins Survivor!!!

Tonight was hands down the BEST day in history for Asian Americans in television. Hands down, no exceptions, nothing even came close. Management consultant Yul Kwon managed to get all four members of his Aitu tribe into the final Survivor four, and by a one vote margin, he managed a win over his tribemate Ozzy Lusth.

There really is no point in me telling what happened--since you can learn everything by going to the Survivor website--but here is a brief synopsis. First, as planned, they voted off Adam to bring the Aitu members into the Final Four. Ozzy and Yul decided to force a tie break between Sundra and Becky, but Yul was still willing to give Becky his immunity idol. Becky, showing her competitive spirit, declined. In declining, she was forced to go head to head with Sundra in a fire-building contest. They were both very bad at making fire, but when Sundra ran out of matches, Becky took her time and eventually won. This left Becky, Yul, and Ozzy as the final three who had to compete for votes from the jury.

I still don't know who voted for who. They revealed that Jonathan voted for Yul and Parvati voted for Ozzy. During the finale show, Adam said that he voted for Yul as part of a deal. Cool. So who did everyone else vote for? Maybe they'll reveal tomorrow on the Early Show? Personally, after the tribal council, I thought Yul made such a great case for himself that I didn't think there was any way he could lose. But then the votes were so close! He won by ONE VOTE. That, to me, is insane, given the fact that he played the game more openly, more honestly, and more strategically than anyone in the history of the game. But he won! I'd be curious to find out who voted for him. My guess is this:

Voted for Yul: Jonathan (admires strategy), Adam (made a deal), Nate (hates Ozzy), Brad (part of original tribe), Rebecca (admires leadership and brains)

Voted for Ozzy: Parvati (likes Ozzy, doesn't like Yul), Sundra (likes Ozzy a little bit better), Candice (doesn't like Yul), Jenny (prefers people with whiter complexions and Caucasian features)

I hope we find out the final vote results.

Other than the actual win, the best part of the show for me was when Yul told the jury (to Rebecca, I think) that he wanted to win because he wanted to represent Asian American men. He said that watching TV, people like him were always represented as stereotypes, and that he wanted to change this.

Go brother. Congrats on your million dollars. You deserve it.


Kong said...
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Kong said...

You got to give the man the title he deserves and has earned.... "The Godfather"
He deserves to win and I appreciate his talent and his representation. Thanks Yul.