February 13, 2008

You too?

From a guy called "uRB4N" on the 44's:


Russell Peters was doing a comedy show here last week and he noticed an Asian woman and man in the front row. If you've ever been to a comedy show, you know better than to sit in the front. Anyway, he asked this Asian guy his name and he made the usual racial joke that his real name must sound like a kungfu move. He asked them if they were together. He said no and that they were just coworkers. He asks him if he's single and he responds yes. He turns to the Asian woman and asks if she's single. She responds no.

Without hesitation, he then asks how her parents feel about her dating a white guy. The whole audience was just laughing their asses off. She didn't do anything except look down. He did manage to stick up for Asian guys though. He said that at least he knows why Indian women might flee Indian men because of arranged marriages but he also joked about body odor and being boring engineers but he actually said that there was no real reason for Asian men to get the shaft.

I'm sorry, but I was laughing like crazy when I read Russell Peter's joke. It's soo true. Especially in a place like NYC, an Asian woman dating or marrying anything other than a white guy is an anomaly. As John Tierney points out in his New York Times blog page, an Asian man on average needs to make $24,000 more money than a white man in order to be viewed as equally attractive to Asian women.

Now enter the Asian Playboy:

This guy has been on the 44's before, and he's talked up his game. I actually have nothing against what he's doing other than the fact that I think his approach objectifies women and lacks compassion. But one has to admit that he definitely makes a statement. He's dressed for the part, and he definitely forces people to think about the issue.

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