March 19, 2008

44's vs. Reappropriate on Fallout Central

Check out the latest edition of the Fallout Central podcast where I debate Jenn Fang from on the issue of whether or not the promotion of the movie "Falling For Grace" hurts, helps, or does nothing for Asian American men. Our debate takes place approximately between 47:54 and 1:05:10 on the audio clip.

For those who want the link to the Tierney blog I quoted, it is here.

Another article, special for all you 44's fans, is here. (and thanks to 44's member Vahz who posted this one.) It says,

The one major exception to the finding that women wanted to meet men of
their own race was Asian women, a vast majority of whom stated that they
strongly preferred meeting non-Asian men.

The primary explanation offered by most Asian women was that they
wanted to be matched with tall men, and they insisted that practically all of
the Asian men they knew were short. But when I would ask if they would be
willing to meet an Asian man if he were tall, most would simply shake their head
and say they would rather not.

I don't want to dwell too much on it because, as I mentioned in the podcast, the IR debate gets divisive if you mention it too much, but I did want to offer at least a few pieces of evidence to counter the unexamined numbers of Dr. C.N. Le. I'm sure Dr. Le is a great guy, but his numbers are an outlier, and unless someone with a statistics background can examine those really dubious numbers that he has presented, I'm going to stick with the statistics from just about everyone else out there.

So here's the story behind the story: Samurai Jack started the situation with his post here,? and Jenn took it to the next level here (see the 236 and counting comments on Jenn's Haloscan). After seeing the hordes of angry Asian men on her blog, including me and fellow 44 Xian (the 44's family!), she and Will came up with the idea of having the debate. As Will explains in his comments after the debate, he sent us the format, and we agreed.
I don't know if we reached a resolution, and I don't know if we'll ever reach a resolution, but it was an awesome experience just getting the issues out there. The internet is great, but there is no substitute for the clashing of voices and ideas in real time. We need to hear more issues, and we need to get them out in the open. Like the great Frank Chin, we need to dare to share what is on our minds. We need to use our minds.

I'd like to thank Jenn for inviting me to Fallout Central where she is a regular. Though we disagree on many issues, her open-mindedness and ability to hear the other side make her a true leader in the Asian American community. I'm very impressed by the way she has crossed boundaries to get a diversity of opinion on all subjects, both on her blog and in her activism. Thanks to fellow 44 Kwak (it feels like family and I'm about to cry...) for introducing me to the FC guys. Thanks to William of Fallout Central for hosting what was a lively debate.
It's great that the Asian American blogosphere can work together even though our opinions differ so much. I look forward to continuing in the spirit of cooperation.

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