March 22, 2008

All the money in the world

I just saw someone post this on Reappropriate Jenn's site:

The first two paragraphs are:

After swimming in the dating pool for quite a while, I’ve come to realize what my preferences are in a guy. I’ve dated enough men to know what I want and don’t want. How hard is it to find a well-rounded, non-crazed guy in this big city? The more men I meet, the slimmer my list of preferences becomes. Then I realized another thing that I never took into much consideration until recently. When it comes down to it, I’d probably be more inclined to date any guy who isn’t Asian.

Racial preference is a funny thing. I never knew how aware I was about race when it came to dating. It shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to love but you can’t help who you’re physically attracted to. When I go out with my girlfriends to parties or during happy hour, I instantly bypass any guy who is Asian. There’s something about them that doesn’t appeal to me. I can’t exactly put my finger on it. Maybe it’s their spiky hair. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve dated Asian men before but mostly Filipino men. There have been countless times when my mother would try to set me up with a “nice Filipino man” and they would all be the same- just nice.

The guys on reappropriate are bashing it, and it's a bit strange coming from a magazine like Asiance whose tagline is "The Magazine for Asian American Women." Or maybe it's not strange since it's not "The Magazine for Asian American Men."

In any case, this was the photo on the article's front page:

I thought there was no angle to this debate that hasn't already been mentioned fifty million f$#%^g times, but one thing new did occur to me. It was this: they couldn't pay me enough money to put my picture on that article. Never never never. The Sultan of Brunei doesn't have enough money that would offer me satisfactory compensation to be on that page. Bill Gates doesn't have enough money. Warren Buffett doesn't. The Federal Reserve doesn't.

I'd rather be sitting in a ditch begging the neighborhood McDonalds for food scraps then to put my picture on an article which talks about how much better white guys are than Asian American men, no matter what kind of free market dating pool explanations people like this have to offer. And I'm not dismissing Ms. Bandong's experiences or tastes because obviously she's being genuine. I'm just saying that I wouldn't be a part of it.

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