March 21, 2008

Simplifying the Writer's Life

Dark Room

This is not necessarily Asian American related, but it's 44's related since we have so many aspiring and seasoned writers on this board. I know of at least five veterans here who are either working on novels or are someday hoping to do fiction. I know a few published authors on this board as well.

I saw this article yesterday in the Washington Times that talks about a word processing program that replicates the old green and black screens of WordPerfect. What a brilliant idea! You can download those WriteRoom for Mac here ($24) or Darkroom for PC here (free). God, I miss those days of WordPerfect. The thinking behind these new programs is absolutely correct; it's easier to think when you take out all the clutter and just put green letters on a black screen. I myself own a computer which I purposely leave disconnected from the web in order to reduce clutter and distractions. But the MS Word layout still hurts my eyes, so I still yearn for the days of green on black.

Anyway, I hope to check out these programs sometime soon, once I've reduced the non-computer clutter in my life. For any aspiring or current Asian American/Asian Canadian writers out there, this may be the key to helping your text flow.

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