April 15, 2008

Thymos / Portland Meetup

Statue of Portlandia at SW 5th Ave., downtown Portland

If there are any wild and crazy future Asian American activists close to Portland, Oregon, we'd love to meet you. Our local Asian American group Thymos has regular meetings, and we'd be thrilled to meet other readers of the Fighting 44's. Most members are in their late twenties to early forties, and there's room for everyone. We've been around for three years, and our organization is just slightly younger than the Fighting 44's (We started in Sept. 04, while the 44's started in May 04). We're a private group that doesn't even have a website, and there is a screening process for those who don't come by referral. If you are interested, e-mail me at naruguard-44@yahoo.com, and we'll get the screening process started. We have our next event in early May.

Also, if you're a college activist at OSU, U of O, PSU, or any of the other colleges in our area, please contact me. We've got some big events planned in the next few months (which I WILL announce on the 44's as soon as we have our details finalized), and we'd love for the young people of Portland to join us. We've got a few recent college grads in our membership, and they've been tearing up the Portland scene with their activism. Get in touch with us!

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