May 11, 2008

Hmong Hip Hop

They had an interesting video feature in the New York Times today. It's about Hmong Hip Hop and how a certain artist named Tou Saiko Lee uses it to talk about his heritage. I've never really taken much of an interest in hip-hop and spoken word, but it's pretty cool how Tou is using this to bring his Hmong community together; the after-school sessions where he teaches hip-hop looked pretty wild. Also, check out the part of the video where he raps with his grandmother (4:12). It's a nice sounding fusion.

Along with this video feature, the New York Times also had an article on General Vang Pao, who is mentioned in the video. I haven't been following the Vang Pao story, but it seems that things got messed up once again because of America's involvement in SE Asia.

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