June 18, 2008

The Fighting 44s on SF Gate

I saw this article by Jeff Yang from Efren at the 8Asians website. (Don't click on Efren's article if you're at work--it may not be work safe.) As you all know, Jeff was the founder of A Magazine a while back, and he still writes often about Asian American issues. I posted one of his articles on this blog before (and coincidentally, I got the article from Efren at 8Asians again).

Jeff's article is about heterosexual interracial relationships among Asian Americans, while Efren's is about homosexual interracial relationships. While I would agree with Efren's opinion that gay Asians have it worse, I still don't think he fully understands the heterosexual position. It's not about who has it worse; it's about recognizing inequality and doing what we can to understand that inequality.

Anyway...our own site is mentioned in Jeff's article, and our own Dialectic the Stealth M.C. is quoted:
As blogger Dialectic wrote on the popular Asian American online forum TheFighting44s (where four out of the top five most popular posts relate to interracial relationships): "If heterosexual white male patriarchy and what it did in the world were not so powerful, I think it would be fair to say that Asian American women and men would be 'out-dating' or 'out-marrying' at similar rates, and that we wouldn't elevate whites, denigrate ourselves, or worry about whether we're sexually and personally worthy of others to nearly the same extent that we do now."

Not only is it good to see the Stealth M.C. quoted in the mainstream news for tens of thousands of (edit: SF Gate has 8.1 million unique visitors a month) people to see, it's also good to know that we're popular, and it's good to know that people are reading stuff on our site. Keep up the good work, everyone, and keep the dialogue going!

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