June 3, 2008

First Black Person on a Major Party Ticket

With his victory in Montana tonight, Barack Obama claimed the win as presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. From the NY Times article:
A last-minute rush of Democratic superdelegates, as well as split results from the final primaries in Montana and South Dakota, pushed Mr. Obama over the threshold of 2,118 delegates needed to be nominated at the party’s convention in Denver in August. The victory for Mr. Obama, the son of a black Kenyan father and white Kansan mother, broke racial barriers and represented a remarkable rise for a man who just four years ago served in the Illinois State Senate.

Hillary Clinton has not yet conceded, but earlier today she said that she might possibly accept the VP spot were Obama to offer it.

Congratulations, Senator Obama, on your win. Congratulations, Senator Clinton, on a hard fought battle.

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