June 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton Ends Campaign

Hillary Clinton ended her campaign for Democratic nominee for President of the United States today. Obama became the nominee on Tuesday after the primary season ended, but now he's really the nominee now that his chief rival has conceded.

If you've been following my own commentary on this election (both on this site and others), you know that I wasn't too crazy about how Clinton ran her campaign with her attack politics, even though I acknowledge that she's an amazing politician who has more fight than a pit bull. Some of her attacks were her own doing, while others came from her husband Bill. There's a good analysis of her campaign at CNN.com.

At the same time, Hillary undoubtedly broke down barriers for women. She proved that women can have a shot at the highest office in the land. You could see this from the excitement that she generated with women all across the country, and her campaign, even though she didn't win, changed the national dialogue. She should be proud of this.

So now that she has endorsed Obama, it's time for the Democrats to unite the party and move on. Let's get Obama into office!

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