June 30, 2008

White Cafe


This is just too funny. (Thanks to urB4N for posting.) Evidently there is a cafe in Japan where Japanese women go to get served by white guys. According to the presentation, the owner came up with the concept by walking through Shibuya and asking 200 Japanese women what they wanted. They apparently "all told her the same thing," that they wanted a cafe where the waiters were "male, good looking, would treat them nice, but most importantly, were Western." And so owner's dream was consummated with Butler Cafe that employs only white guys as servers!

By the way, it's interesting to note the dual terminology that CNN uses. On the top bar, it says "lah[reporter's name].white.cafe," but throughout the program, they avoid using the term "white;" they refer to the white guys as "Western." If you look at the servers though, they're all white as snow. That has to be a media relations thing; you can only imagine the outcry if CNN made a story about how Japanese women prefer "white" guys. With "Western," you can blame the pro-white racism on culturism! This lets people say, "It's not because of my race, it's because of my culture! And who doesn't love other cultures! Culture is good, maaaannnn!!!"

Also, it's pretty interesting to see what qualifies as a white "Prince Charming" in Japan:


(Though I'm not a woman...maybe "Prince Charming" really is as hot as he thinks...)

I really don't know what to say. This is something that is taking place in Japan, and as Asian Americans, there isn't much at the present time that we can do. So rather than get bent out of shape over what we can and can't control (though as always, it's fine to vent!!!), I'd just like to dedicate two music videos to some of the people involved.

First, here's one for Mr. White and Sexy above:

"I'm Too Sexy" from Right Said Fred.

Second, here's one to all the non-white men from western countries who have been excluded from the white cafe:

"Where is the Love?" from Black Eyed Peas

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