July 21, 2008

MD to Blogger


This article was one of today's most e-mailed on the NY Times website. It's about a doctor named Arnold Kim who quit medicine in order to work full time blogging about gossip and rumors about Apple, the computer company. The title of the article is My Son, the Blogger: An M.D. Trades Medicine for Apple Rumors. I thought this was a bit of a strange title, considering the article only mentions the Kim's father once. It seemed to imply some sort of hackneyed filial duties that Asian men have towards their parents, and it reminded me a bit of those old corny lines from the Karate Kid--"Miyagi, you have dis-honored me!" (Of course Sato wasn't Miyagi's dad, but the quote reverbed in my head.)

In any case, it was an interesting article about a hobby becoming a very lucrative career, and I especially found interesting the now often repeated fact that the internet allows people to easily find others who share their interests. There are enough people who love Mac products so much that they read a blog about Mac rumors. The internet is an awesome thing.

The article says,
Dr. Kim is not a millionaire blogger yet, and given the slumping online advertising market, he faces some hurdles as he expands the site. But he has reason to be optimistic.

Stepping away from medicine felt somewhat strange, he admits. Dr. Kim was bringing home a six-figure income as a doctor, but he recognized that blogging was becoming more lucrative. He says the site also yields a six-figure income for him.

Six figures as a blogger on Mac products. I must be writing about the wrong subject matter. I don't even make six figures as a blogger if you count the two numbers that come after the decimal point. (Skrips bought me dinner when I visited him in Seattle, so I can probably claim to have at least surpassed the decimal point, though that was friendship rather than pay...)

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