July 21, 2008

Rountable with the Asian Playboy

After this blog post, I am officially taking a break from activism, blogging, and all things related for the next week and a half. I have been working overtime for the past month with three events, and everyone has to recharge from time to time. My time is now.

So the last Fallout Central Podcast took place on Sunday. You can download it here. It was a roundtable discussion with me, the Asian Playboy, and the four Fallout Central hosts, three of whom had taken the Pick Up (aka "How to Get Girlz") course (it sounded like Kwak said that Albert had taken it), and one of whom has a wife who supposedly greatly respects the Asian Playboy. For those who are new to this site, the Asian Playboy is kind of like an Asian "Hitch;" he teaches Asian men to pick up women. He gets mixed reviews when he comes to this site; guys like Rebel respect him, while guys like Xian knock him around, and gals like Box beat him up, slap him, and kick the shit out of him. But it's all good. Most of his detractors, from what I've seen, are not against what he does, but most of us don't see what he does as a form of empowerment. As I mention in the podcast, it's low brow.

William, the moderator and former producer of Fallout Central (which is now under new management), is now a certified "pick up" coach under Playboy and is running a new site called betterasianman.com which promotes the same stuff, but he was a fair moderator, and he let me say everything I wanted to say. Kwak and Albert, who had also taken the course, were also fair. You can listen to the podcast and hear just about all my thoughts on the subject.

The only thing I might elaborate upon is the "certain segment" of the population that I kept referring to. APB and I both agreed that his services are only geared towards a certain segment of the population--guys that have real problems with women. APB himself talked about a 40 year old unattractive Filipino guy who studied with him and was able to attract women for what seemed to be the very first time in his life. I can't imagine going through that metamorphosis at the age of 40; this guy has real problems. If you look at APB's site, you can see guys who are so proud of their ability to actually get sex that they post pictures and stories of the women they score with, with or without their consent. (Read some of "Johnny Wolf's" posts--I quote some of his disturbing writings in the podcast.). For some of these guys, APB has shown them the promised land of actually getting women, and he is a hero to them. Read his blog, and you'll see guys who define their entire self-worth by how many people they sleep with. (and yes, it's a numbers thing rather than a quality thing--the guys don't seem selective at all, although given their situation, maybe they shouldn't be.)

The only point I would have made is that philosophically it is unlikely that the certain segment of the population to whom APB caters will be able to create lasting change in society. I don't want to be judgmental, but if a person has trouble talking to women at the age of 40, it's unlikely that he will be able to create anything new. He has lived his entire life defensively, and it will take a small miracle to become the kind of person who can lead other people to greatness. From a social standpoint, this is why a focus on intellectual and artistic endeavors yields greater results than anything pick-up related.

In any case, I don't disagree with what APB does. Certain people obviously pay for the service, and if it makes them happy, so be it--he's providing something that they want, and for the most part, even though it's extremely tacky, it's probably clean. Just don't call it activism.


burnt sienna said...

The Asian Playboy as activism?

Oh, it's activism, Byron.

It's activism the same way going to church every Sunday to pick up chics is spirituality.

B said...

Haha...good analogy.

I should've been more "spiritual" while I was going to church. At least then I could say that it wasn't a complete waste of time...