August 28, 2008

Female PUA

With all the discussion of Asian Male Pickup Artists, I thought it was funny that posted an article about female flirting. It's a three step guide for women to make themselves more attractive. What really caught my eye though...was the picture. I won't repost it here, but it's funny to think that someone sifted through stock photos and somehow, for some reason, came up with a photo of an Asian woman flirting with a bunch of non-Asian guys. Coincidence or not? Maybe we need a critical mass of BetterAsianmen!

So Flirtation 101:
Step 1: Identify a specific person with whom you really, truly want to have sex
Step 2: Lust for the other person's subjective experience
Step 3: Get a life

Numbers 2 and 3 are probably the same whether we're discussing men or women, but I'd submit that number 1 probably won't work for most men to whom sites like cater. The problem with many desperate men--and most PUAs will admit to desperation--is that they become too fixated on specific women and can't let go. It can be dangerous for men and women, but it's particularly destructive when men have this level of desperation. Desperate men need to learn to ease up, to become more comfortable with women, not to become more specific. Too many desperate men are already too specific.

I'm guessing that the writer would probably admit the assymetry in gender behaviors and expectations as well. Men and women are different--equal but different. It just is.

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