August 12, 2008

Heard but not seen


The Real Singer

I just saw this story on Olympic Girl Seen But Not Heard.

Apparently, the cute little girl who was "singing" during the Olympic ceremony wasn't really singing. She was lip-synching because the girl with the nice voice wasn't cute enough.

Games organizers confirm that Lin Miaoke, who performed "Ode to the Motherland" as China's flag was paraded Friday into Beijing's National Stadium, was not singing at all.

Lin was lip-syncing to the sound of another girl, 7-year-old Yang Peiyi, who was heard but not seen, apparently because she was deemed not cute enough.

As you can see from my title post, I reversed the wording of the title article. I'm more concerned about the girl who didn't get to be on camera because her image supposedly wasn't up to par. Sure, the stand-in girl probably does have greater beauty according to common accepted standards:


The cute "singer"

But they're both cute. And if it's the original girl's voice, they should give the original girl credit by letting her perform on stage. I can't believe anyone would deny a young child the chance to be in the spotlight, especially when it's her voice coming over the loudspeakers. What kind of lesson does this teach our kids? It's not right.

And in terms of the media, hasn't anyone learned anything from Milli Vanilli?

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