September 19, 2008

The Honeymoon is Over

It looks like the excitement regarding Sarah Palin's nomination for VP is starting to wear off. I was hoping it would, and I'm glad that common sense is starting to settle in. Not only is she not cooperating with the inquiry into her "Troopergate" scandal, but people are also starting to question other parts of her history that might make her unfit for the VP slot, such as her spotty educational record and achievements, and the fact that she repeats herself over and over in all of her campaign speeches.

If the numbers on her fading appeal are an indication of the country's assessment of her, then I'm happy that people are finally waking up. We don't need a VP who is an average American. We don't need a VP who has average or below average academic credentials. We don't need a VP who repeats the same lines over and over again. We need a VP who will be able to lead, innovate, think on her feet, and show Americans what we're capable of. We need a VP who has the ability to become a great President should the need arise. We're not going to get that with Sarah Palin. I hope Americans are starting to see this.

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