September 14, 2008

Little Italy

There is an article on Little Italy in the Times today about how there are less than 1,000 Italians left in Little Italy.

“The problem with Italians is we don’t really stick together,” rued Mr. Scivetti, who immigrated from Italy a half-century ago as a teenager. He broke the labor laws on shape-up journeys each dawn from Little Italy to suburban odd jobs. “Like the Latinos now,” he noted.
I agree that the Chinese "stick together," but I also think that it's because there is such a large influx of Chinese immigration. Chinese people live in Chinatown, and they immigrate through Chinatown, but most don't stay there. Most residents of Chinatown are 1st or 1.5 gen'ers. If Italians had a similar number of immigrants today, Little Italy would probably still be Italian.

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